The Ruined Landscape of Steve Bannon’s Face

The Ruined Landscape of Steve Bannon’s Face (2018)

This canvas has seen a lot of action. For nearly 20 years we tried to make something work with it but couldn’t get anything to click. After the umpteenth recoating of gesso dried it was clear: the canvas was now a total piece of garbage, so laden with globs of poorly-applied paint, so covered in hideous pocks and bumps and veins and creases that it would be impossible to recycle it as anything but the ruined landscape of Steve Bannon’s face. Produced with multiple layers of gesso, acrylic paint, and polymer on 24″ x 12″ recycled canvas, finished with a final polymer glaze.

A special note to the woman who repeatedly shouted “STOP HURTING AMERICA, YOU GREASY TWO-BIT CONMAN GRIFTER” at Bannon as he was dragged into the NY District Attorney’s office today: you are our fuckin hero. Well done!

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