OK Xer: Generation Gapz #6

When one reads as much news as we do, one is treated to viewpoints from across the generational spectrum.

Obviously we’re working through the backlog of our unposted comix, so we’re a little late to this party — but it was still in the news this month so bear with us, mkay?

On Oscar ™ Sunday, we were bored and waiting to head across the bridge for a GBV show so we turned on ABC’s red carpet pre-game and came away with the following insights:

  1. Billy Eyelash’s “dress” (an IKEA comforter from the late 80’s with sleeve holes cut into it) made us mourn the loss of the illustrious Joan Rivers all over again.
  2. The disastrous red carpet “interview” of Will and Jada was clearly the impetus for The Slap. Some millennial “celebrity” handed mics to both A-list stars and then proceeded to blatantly flirt with Will, ignoring Jada as she stood there in silence, mic in hand, not even given the courtesy of the standard “who are you wearing” question. Her face said it all as she slowly lowered the mic to her side, realizing she wasn’t going to be allowed to speak, let alone have her presence acknowledged. We guarantee that for the next 4 hours before the ceremony began, Jada was in Will’s ear bitching about this encounter, how no one mentioned her alopecia podcast or even asked about her gown. THAT is why Chris Rock got smacked: he was the stand-in for that 10th-rate Melissa Rivers.
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