Fuck Coca-Cola 4Ever

Coca-Cola Swallows The World (2003)

Waaaaaay back in 2003, we read that Coca-Cola was tricking farmers in India into putting toxic sludge on their fields, destroying the soil and poisoning the land and water in the process, so in response we painted this little watercolor.

Flash-forward nearly 20 years and we find this evil corporation, hell-bent for decades on the destruction of the world and its people in pursuit of the almighty dollar, is sponsoring the COP27 Climate Conference in November 2022.

This is some insincere greenwashing bullshit. If they really cared about saving Earth from its imminent destruction they’d at the very least go back to using glass bottles and metal caps, resources that could actually be recycled. Instead it’s the same old piece of shit company that makes kids fat, gives adults cancer, and clogs the oceans with plastic, plastic, and more goddamn plastic. (We could go on with more examples of their deviousness but we’re all worked up and need to meditate now.)

Fuck Coca-Cola, always and forever.

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