A Disturbing Display of Deplorable Distaste

It is to our great shame that our hometown of Waterloo, IA, convicted John Wayne Gacy for raping a minor in 1968 but a mere 18 months into his 10-year prison sentence set him free…free to flee to Illinois where he embarked upon his sickeningly infamous serial murder spree. It is to our even greater shame that Gacy would not be the last fat, lying, narcissistic, sociopathic, politically-engaged, sexually predatory clown set loose by the state of Iowa to wreak havoc upon the world.

Clearly ripping off Gacy’s signature copy-paste Pogo paintings (who cares, he’s fucking dead), in 2017 we combined our two most-hated clowns into eleven nearly identical images produced on eleven recycled canvases.

The title is what we imagine a pearl-clutching Art Critic would say upon viewing all 11 of these ugly-ass paintings hanging together on a gallery wall.

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