OK Xer: Generation Gapz #10

When one reads as much news as we do, one is treated to viewpoints from across the generational spectrum.

We’ve been expecting the end of Roe v Wade since we lived across the street from a Planned Parenthood in the late 90’s and were awakened to psychos singing hymns to an empty building every Sunday morning. Not to mention the experience of pushing our way through a now-screaming gaggle of those same psychos, entering the clinic through a bulletproof glass door and getting our bag checked by an armed security guard all in order to have our yearly pap smear. (That’s a cancer test, not an abortion, for all you medical ignoramuses out there on the Internet.)

Fuck the Republicans and their stacked Supreme Court, but fuck the Dems just as much for watching the GOP pull their long con over the past 40 years and, when not actively enabling it, doing jackshit to stop it.

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