Mogwai Rules Triptych

We painted this little series of minis (they’re only 3 square inches!) for a favored patron of the arts. Normally we don’t do commissions, but made an exception here because of our abiding love for both “Gremlins” movies, especially “Gremlins 2: The New Batch”.

<Says brief prayer that “Gremlins” isn’t rebooted now due to us having said those words but then realize that all beloved things from our childhood must be rebooted and/or remade these days so…sigh.>

Anyway, shall we recite the Mogwai rules together?
Rule #1: Keep them out of bright light, especially sunlight.
Rule #2: Don’t let them get wet.
And the most important one, the one you absolutely should not forget:
Rule #3: Never, ever, feed them after midnight!

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