Who is hamtasia? We are a cartoonist who specializes in semi-autobiographical nostalgia and pop culture/political commentary. Did you not read our ABOUT page?

Where are you based? We’ll call it the “Portland metro region”, but we are proud to make our home on the side of the Columbia river that actually has its shit together.

When did you start making art? We’ve been creating illustrated stories and pop culture portraits since we could hold a crayon, with the exception of The Dark Years, our decade of indentured corporate servitude.

Why “we”? Being as the fashion of the day is for one to name one’s preferred pronouns, we declare our favorite set of pronouns in the English language to be the Royal We. Unlike “they”, which implies otherness and an object-like abstraction, “we” conjures unity, cooperation, and the Universal Consciousness/The Force. Conveniently, it also accounts for our multiple personalities.

How come no comments? There are plenty of places on the internet where one can speak one’s mind. This is not one of them. Spew your vitriol on the so-called social media sites, or share a link with a kind word if you like something we’ve done.

What’s the frequency, Kenneth? You’ll have to ask Dan Rather and/or Michael Stipe.